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About Our Family

Adaptability While Doing the Impossible

The Coach Motto

Each of our coaches train with the drive to keep every student goal and aspiration in mind. We work toward guiding our students to explore their individual pathways, while helping them navigate through inspirational moments, mental obstacles, problem solving, and much more! We strive to keep our space as healthy as possible, keeping in mind that every student is different and will bring something completely unique to our space. All of our staff are trained to lead and recognize the potential in every student, have been certified with the NCCP on Safe Sport Training, and are also provided with endless resources to understand how to conduct and sustain a healthy class environment. We encourage each of our coaches to keep their own training & goals in mind, while on their own individual pathways, as we consider our space an example of infinite growth and improvement, not only for our students, but for our staff as well!

Meet Our Team


Meaghan Wegg

Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Head Coach, All Disciplines

[Diploma of Circus Arts Performance]

[Diploma of Circus Arts Coaching]


Andrea McFadden

Office Manager

Customer Relations & Correspondence


Dustine Crowley

Head Coach, Aerial

(B. Business Administration (Hons) & B. Education)


Kenidy Wilson

Competitive Team Leader

Recreational & Technique Coach (All Disciplines)

Acrobatic & Aerial Arts Certified


Nathan Reis Indiano

Teams Artistic, Acrobatic Coach

Recreational & Technique Coach (Aerial & Acrobatics)

Acrobatic & Aerial Arts Certified


Tim Buckley

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Registered Physiotherapist

[B. Physio, M. Sports Physio]


Glynnis Pardo

Head Coach, Acrobatics

[BSc. Kinesiology (Hons) & MSc. Biomechanics]

B.A.T.D, F.A.D.S., Acrobatic & Aerial Arts - Certified
National Champion: CNE-Rising Star & Fred Astaire Dance


Kelly Swain

Head Coach, Circus

Canadian Roller Skating Champion

Aerial Arts Certified


Shari King

Recreational & Technique Coach (Aerial)

Aerial Arts: Hoop & Silks Certified

Aerial Arts Silks - Course Conductor

Champion - Move with the Beat 2018


Megan Merchant

Recreational & Technique Coach (Aerials & Dance)


Montanah Lucas

Recreational & Technique Coach (All Disciplines)

Trained with The Rockettes & Joffrey Ballet School in NYC, and National Circus School in Montreal. 

Past member of Team Canada

3rd place Miss Dance Canada



Wendy Plasschaert

Office Manager (Clinton)


Jazlen Wright

Coach (Clinton

Aerial Hoop Certified 

B.A.T.D. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, & Acro


Jayden Anderson- Johnston

Coach (Clinton)

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