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The Academy (London) is located at 1490 Richmond St. London!

Our new premises are within the ‘Windermere on the Mount’ complex – one of London’s most iconic buildings - at the corner of Richmond and Windermere. We are so excited about the central location and the amenities surrounding this area.


The stunning property is quiet, green and grassy with ample outdoor space and free parking for our clients. Inside the building, The Academy will occupy ‘the gymnasium’. Our unit includes a large open training space (6900 sq. ft. - the size of a basketball court), high ceilings, a full-size stage (1460 sq. ft.) as well as elevated bleacher seating for spectators down the full length of the room. We also have access to a kitchenette, lunchroom with tables and chairs, 28 private lockers, a separate 1000 sq. ft. conference / classroom, private office space, ample storage for props and equipment, several bathrooms and showers.


It truly is an epic space and we’re excited to grow into it!

We are incredibly grateful of our partnership with Power Cheer Gym since we opened The Academy 3 years ago. We are now ready to start a new chapter in our own space.


Our engineering company has completed a full structural analysis of the building and following their approval we have hired ‘Crew That’ - a professional entertainment rigging company based in Montreal QC to install professional-grade rigging points throughout the gym.

We will be holding an open-house and tours of the facility as soon as government regulations allow.

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