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True creativity requires diverse ideas and perspectives. We celebrate these at The Academy.

At The Academy, our mission is to empower students to be their best on and off stage, to dream big and believe that anything is possible. We ignite passion in a supportive and creative environment and provide opportunities for students to explore their artistic and athletic potential.
Read more about our mission & diversity statement in the PDF document.

Photo at Power Cheer Gym (previous home of The Academy) Erin + Terrance working with Meaghan Wegg for their show.

@terrancelittletent @erinballcircus [A photo with posters, trophies and various different colours and textures in the background. In the centre of the photo, a metal hoop is suspended from the ceiling. Terrance Littletent, a Cree, sits inside the circle and wears a mask. He holds two smaller traditional hoop dance hoops in each hand so that five hoops line up on his arms, making the traditional eagle shape. From the bottom of the metal hoop, Erin, white and two prosthetic lower legs with pegs attached instead of feet, hangs from one arm. One of her knees is hooked on one of Terrance’s feet and her other leg is also bent.]

Mission & Diversity

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