Do I need to be vaccinated to enroll in your classes?

Yes. Effective September 22nd 2021, in line with provincial regulations, people who are 18+ must show proof of full vAaccination and matching photo ID to enter the facility. Youth participants 17 and younger are exempt.

Do I need to submit covid screening before coming to class?

Yes. If you have already done the screening questionnaire on the same day for other classes or venues, and all of your answers to the screening questions remain the same before you enter your class, you can simply submit your name with a quick scan on our QR code upon entry. For those who have not done the screening questionnaire, you must complete it prior to class and submit it to our office or scan the QR code upon entry.

I am not vaccinated, can I come into the building to drop off and pick up my child?

All parents of young children may briefly enter our entrance lobby for pickup / drop off but will not be able to enter the gym or remain in the facility during classes.

I have paid for the month, if there is another lockdown, will the remaining class fees be refunded?

Due to previous lockdowns we have decided to only take montly payments rather than a full year tuition. If another lockdown happens your monthly balance will be added up to what you have used up and the remianing will be held in credit for future Academy classes.

What's the difference between technique and competitive/performance team?

Technique classes are focused on basic training for our December and June recital shows. What you learn each term will be showcased and performed. Usually you attend only 1 day a week and its for fun! Competitive/Performance team classes are focused on an elite level of training for our competitions and events that are held many times throughout the year. We perform in the December and June recitals as well as 2-4 competitions, local events and possibly travel to circus festivals to represent The Academy with our performances. Training happens 2-4 days a week. To be considered for these teams you must go through an audition process.

How do I become part of the competitive team?

To become a part of the competitive team you will need to have a discussion with your coach and Miss Meaghan to voice your opinion. We will set you up with a class assessment and discuss your commitment, goals and availability.

Is there make up classes available if I miss a class?

If the student misses a class you may send a request to make up with another class happening in the week. If The Academy cancels a class you will be notified what day and time the class will be made up.